We are the UK experts in enabling the return-to-work of professional women after an extended (longer than maternity) career break. We create supported routes back to work for this largely untapped pool of highly-qualified, experienced and motivated talent. In particular, we partner with corporate employers to jointly develop returning professional internships (‘returnships’), supported hiring initiatives and other practical and innovative returner programmes.

Alongside our consulting and coaching services, we provide businesses with privileged access to this hard-to-reach group through our Women Returners Professional Network, a community for returning professionals. Our specialised expertise in returner coaching, together with our in-depth psychological and commercial understanding, enables us to support these women to effectively and rapidly make the transition back to senior corporate roles.

I believe that working with Women Returners is the most effective and efficient way to run a returner programme. They have the expertise, the networks and the knowledge and provide a specialised and independent source of support to HR and to the participant group. After 30 years in HR, I have extensive experience but not of supporting people back to work after long career breaks. Women Returners made this process easy for us and were a major factor in the success of the returnship. I would not run another programme without them.”

Head of HR, Tideway

“Women Returners are experts in this growing niche, understand the perspectives of both returners and businesses and go out of their way to help. It gives me much hope for the future that such organisations exist. The calibre of applicants that came from the Women Returners network was excellent. They had relevant experience, met our career break criteria and were eager to re-enter the corporate world.”  

Global Head of Foreign Exchange Research, Deutsche Bank.

If you are an organisation interested in bringing returning professionals into your business, contact Julianne Miles at info@womenreturners.com