Client Testimonials

We partner with employers across sectors, sharing our commitment to bringing returners back into organisational roles in a supportive and mutually-beneficial way. Here is what they say about working with us.


“At O2 we are always looking for new ways to attract talent and specifically female talent in STEM. Women Returners provided us with a one stop shop of well qualified candidates and professional support to launch the first of our programmes. The team at Women Returners supported us every step of the way, from supporting with the design of our recruitment process, helping to identify the candidates to shaping the programme and training. With a focussed and consultancy approach Women Returners were willing to tailor to suit the company and the requirements of the O2 programme. Following the success of the programme we sponsored the Women Returners Conference which was a massive success and again showed the amazing talent looking to return to the workplace.”

Judith Hunt, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, O2


“We began working with Women Returners on a pilot programme within our Technology division in 2016. Their advice, support and commitment to understanding our business areas was exemplary. Julianne’s participation in client meetings was key to the programme being well received internally and the overall success of the first programme enabled us to expand into other business areas in 2017. We are currently running our 2nd programme [in Investment Management] with their support and have felt like a valued client every step of the way. It is a pleasure to partner with a company whose values are so closely linked with our own and who share a passion for creating meaningful routes back into corporate life”.

Stephanie Marshall, Talent Acquisition Lead UK & Ireland, Fidelity International


“The resources provided for attraction, coaching and general support by Women Returners have been instrumental to the success of our return to work programme. Our partnership has meant that we have seen such a high quality and diverse range of candidates. The coaching and on- boarding they provide for our returners has enabled them to build confidence and thrive in their roles with us. This has led to many permanent placements following the programme. We have used Women Returners for three years in a row now and will continue to use their invaluable service.”

Anita Walker, Social Programme Manager, Skanska


I believe that working with Women Returners is the most effective and efficient way to run a returner programme. They have the expertise, the networks and the knowledge and provide a specialised and independent source of support to HR and to the participant group. After 30 years in HR, I have extensive experience but not of supporting people back to work after long career breaks. Women Returners made this process easy for us and were a major factor in the success of the returnship. I would not run another programme without them.”

Julie Thornton, Head of HR, Tideway


“We launched our Career Returner Programme to attract talented qualified professionals to a career in local government. This was a key part of our recruitment strategy to recruit to roles where we have traditionally struggled to source good candidates. Working with Women Returners we recognised there is an ‘untapped’ talent pool of local people looking to return to their profession following an extended career break.  Women Returners were an obvious partner as they have achieved so much in this area and have extensive experience as well as a vast network of potential candidates.  Women Returners have provided the coaching element of the Programme which will support our candidates back into meaningful work following their career break. I’m confident that our Returners will all go on to have successful careers at Enfield Council. This is an important initiative and I’m proud that Enfield Council is the first public sector organisation to launch a returner programme. I would highly recommend Julianne and her team at Women Returners to any organisation.” 

Julie Mimnagh, Head of HR Operations, Enfield Council







“The first role for which L.E.K. used the Women Returners Supported Hiring model was my own, and as a candidate I was struck by the message that this sent – that the firm was open-minded, flexible, and willing to look beyond the confines of a traditional recruiting approach. We have recently hired a Business Development Manager, and the three excellent candidates at the final round were all sourced from Women Returners. The team provides plenty of advice about creating attractive job postings, and will give a clear assessment about whether their network is likely to contain suitable candidates. In our experience, Women Returners allows firms to connect with a talent pool of capable and committed individuals, who are unlikely to be reached through mainstream recruiting channels”.

Andy Cheatle, Head of Recruiting, L.E.K. Consulting

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“We first came across Women Returners when we saw an article about them, and were inspired to learn of an organisation who had expertise in both connecting and supporting employers with finding and hiring returning talent as well as being able to provide coaching to support the returner themselves back into the workplace. We were seeking a Commercial Solicitor and had been struggling to find the right talent via conventional routes. Looking to the Women Returners network to promote our role with the knowledge that they would help us support the candidate back into the workplace was very attractive to us. We have been delighted to be able to source a very talented former Solicitor back into the workplace after a 12 year break. She brings a wealth of commercial experience as well as wider skills and perspective as a result of the career break itself. We have also just confirmed a second offer to another high calibre Returning Solicitor also returning after a long career break from law. We are delighted with this creative and smart way of sourcing great talent”.

Peter James, Director, Commercial IP IT Dept, Clark Holt (boutique law firm)