The Career Returners Coaching Programme

“The Women Returners coaching programme was an invaluable part of my experience in returning to work. The support I received allowed me to rebuild my confidence and make the most of the opportunities available to me on the returnship. It also played a crucial role in helping me to navigate some of the inevitable challenges, with practical roadmaps and solutions. I am truly grateful to have had this guidance and support”

What are the aims of our Career Returners Coaching Programme?

Why invest in external coaching support?

How is the coaching structured?

What do coachees say about the Career Returners Returner Coaching Programme?

“The coaching was exceptionally good. It was very well thought out and delivered in an understanding and empathetic way with a focus on practical and positive ways to approach returning to work.”

“The coaching workshops were particularly useful in helping me to understand the company perspective and to develop professionally”  

“[With] Women Returners providing sound advice and great coaching support, the transition to back to full time work was made to feel almost seamless”

“I gained much more than I imagined possible. The coaching helped me to define myself and to find strengths that I didn’t realise I had. I am more self-aware than I was before”