UK returnship programmes

Our collated data shows that there were 3 programme launches in 2014, 9 in 2015 and 23 in 2016. Of the 9 programmes in 2015, 7 were repeated in 2016 (source: Women Returners research). Note: This list is returnships only & does not include returner programmes which bring returners directly into permanent roles.

2017 Programmes (announced to date)

Fidelity New Horizons – Investment Returner Programme, London. 20 week returnship, starting September 2017. 2nd

EY Reconnect, UK-wide. 12 week returnship, starting September 2017. 2nd

Tideway Returner Programme, London. 12 week returnship starting 24 April 2017. 3rd

Deloitte Return to Work Programme, UK-wide, 20-25 week returnship starting 18 September 2017. 3rd

Return@Capgemini. 6 month returnship, with cohorts starting in May and September 2017. New

Morgan Stanley Return to Work Programme London. 12 week returnship starting 20th September 2017. 4th

Home Office – Talent Bridges. 6 month returnship starting April 2017. New

Man Group Returner Programme, London. 3 month returnship starting May 2017. 2nd

Career Returners @ Enfield Council, London. Six month returnship programme starting 3rd May 2017. New

Skanska Return to Work Programme, London and South East. 12 week returnship programme starting late April 2017. 2nd

Lloyds Banking Group Returners Programme, Various UK locations. 16 week returnship, starting 5th June 2017. 3rd

Balfour Beatty Returners Programme, UK-wide. 21 week returnship starting 24th April 2017. New

Worldpay Refresh Return to Work programme. Starting 25th April 2017. New

Mizuho International, London. 10 week returnship starting 20th February 2017. New

Oracle Software Developer Internship, Bristol. 10 week to 10 month flexible returnship. New

Credit Suisse Real Returns, London. 12 week returnship starting 25th April 2017. 4th Year

SapientNitro Career Returns, London. 12 week returnship, starting January 2017. New

Vodafone ReConnect, London/Newbury/UK. 6 month returnship, flexible start dates. Continuing.

Redington Returners, London. 10 week returnship starting Jan 2017. New

Fidelity New Horizons Technology Returner Programme, London, Surrey & Kent. 20 week returnship starting January 2017. New

Mace Return to Work, London & Bristol. 12 week returnship for construction engineers and civil engineers. New

Golin – Back2Businessship, London. 2 week training programme with Golin and f1 Recruitment from 7th Nov 2016 followed by Golin returnship from Jan 2017. 2nd Year

Mastercard Relaunch your Career, London. 3 months from January 2017. New

KPMG Return to Work Programme,  London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester. 12 weeks from January 2017. New

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, London. 6-10 week Returnship. New

2016 Programmes

PwC Back to Business, London. 16 weeks from 4th November 2016. 2nd programme

RBS Comeback Programme, London & Edinburgh. 12 weeks from September 2016. 2nd year

Skanska Return-to-Work Programme, London & surrounding areas, Maple Cross & Cambridgeshire. 12 weeks from 26th September 2016. New

J.P. Morgan ReEntry Program, London. 18 weeks from October 2016. 2nd year

Vodafone ReConnect, Newbury & UK-wide. Six month programme. New

EY Reconnect, London. 12 weeks from September 2016. New

Macquarie Returner Programme, London. 12 weeks from 19th September 2016. New

Deloitte Return to Work Programme, London. 20 weeks from September 2016. 2nd year, now extended beyond alumnae

Morgan Stanley Return to Work London 2016. 12 weeks from 21st September 2016. 3rd year

Amey Returners Programme, UK-wide. 12 weeks from May 2016. New

O2 Career Returners, Slough. 11 weeks from 26th April 2016. New

Lloyds Banking Group Returners Programme Retail BankingCommercial BankingGroup Operations London, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, Halifax, Manchester. 10 weeks from May/June 2016. 2nd year.

Tideway Returner Programme, London. 19th April for 12 weeks. 2nd year, now including Laing O’Rourke, Costain, Ferrovial Agroman & Amey

AJ120 architecture practice, London. 11th April – 8th July 2016. New

Credit Suisse Real Returns, London. 26th April – 15th July 2016. 3rd year

Man Group Returner Programme – Investment Management, London. Three month programme, starting March 2016. New

Barclays Welcome Back Programme, London. 12 weeks starting 29th February. New

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Returning Talent 2016 Programme, London. Conference, workshops & 10 week returnship, starting Feb 2016. Re-run of conference/workshop; new returnship

Golin & Bell Pottinger, London. Three month programme, Jan-Mar 2016. Linked to Starcom Mediavest, Golin & F1 Back2BusinessShip programme. New

Centrica-led HitReturn, Windsor, Slough, Newbury. 12 week programme from 11th January 2016 – 1st April 2016. New

PwC Back to Business Returnee programme, London. 12 week programme in Deals business from January – April 2016. New

Cameron Barney Corporate Finance Returner, London. 3 month programme from January – April 2016. New

Cushman & Wakefield Real Estate Returners 10 week programme in London Jan – Mar 2016. New

2015 Programmes 

1. Allen & Overy (Peerpoint) London Return-to-Law programme (for alumni only). Started Sept 2015. New

2. Deloitte ‘return to work’ scheme (for alumnae only). 12 week programme Sept – Dec 2015. New

3. RBS Strategy ComeBack Programme, 10 week programme in London, Sept – Dec 2015. New

4. Morgan Stanley Return to Work Programme London. 12 week programme Sept – Dec 2015.  2nd year

5. Return Path ReturnShip Program – Account Management Co-Ordinator, London. 22 weeks Oct 2015 – Mar 2016. New

6. JP Morgan ReEntry Programme. 18 week programme in London, Nov 2015 – Mar 2016.  New

7. Lloyds Banking Group Retail Banking Returners Programme and Commercial Banking Returners Programme across UK. 10 weeks, June – August 2015. New

8. Tideway Returner Programme Thames Tideway Tunnel, in partnership with Women Returners, 12 week programme in London April – July 2015. New

9. Credit Suisse Real Returns 10 week programme in London April – July 2015. 2nd year

2014 Programmes

1. Morgan Stanley Return to Work Programme London, 12 week programme, Sept – Dec 2014. Pilot programme

2. Deutsche Bank (research) 10 week pilot programme in London for 2 participants, Sept – Dec 2014.

3. Credit Suisse Real Returns, 10 week programme in London, April  – July 2014.